Öney Architecture

Integrated Approach in Architectural Design / 360 degree Architectural Design

Öney Architecture was founded in 1988 by Mustafa Öney, one of Turkey's pioneer architects who has signed internationally known innovative interior design projects and implementations since 1976. In parallel with the global developments in 2007, to spread the dynamic spirit provided in interior design to wider areas, the company started the architectural design department. With the participation of the younger members of Oney Family, the 3rd generation, it continued with different perspectives and an understanding of multidisciplinary design which has strenghtened the company since then. Today, Öney Architecture who successfully provides its team with a productive work environment allowing different generations to cooperate in a continious harmony, signs both personal and corporate design projects bringing experience and innovation together.

Öney aims life-centric, vital and sustainable design in each of its projects.

As an essential part of Öney's holistic service approach, without compromising on time or quality, each project is being accomplished by the experienced third party partners who have been tested numbers of times on the implementation of different projects. Öney ecole grabs more attention each day via the national and international awards it receives and the remarkable projects it insists to create.

Mission Statement

Perception of design arising from a need. / Design evolving out of a need.
To combine every element and discipline of design using the infinite possibilities it provides, and accomplishing it in a holistic, complete and ideal way.

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